70% lower prices than in the U.S.


World-class dental solutions
We are a dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico with more than 15 years of experience providing quality and expertise in each of our dental treatments.
Our doctor’s and staff are 100% committed to restoring and redesigning your smile in a professional, friendly, and relaxed environment. We provide the best technological equipment and dental laboratory for procedures such as diagnosis, routine check-ups or up to All on 4 implants that go beyond expectation.
Ghada Abuchackra, New Jersey, USA
Ghada Abuchackra, New Jersey, USA
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"The good thing about this Clinic is that everything is under one roof, talking about the dentists, the surgeon and the technician as well because they do it here and at the next day it was done"
Natalia Gonzalez, Houston, TX
Natalia Gonzalez, Houston, TX
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"I paid less than half that I will pay for the procedure in the US, including round tickets, my hotel stay, dining and wining, and my dental work; it’s definitely something people should consider."
Irina Murina, Russia
Irina Murina, Russia
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"Facilities are very good, the Clinic looks very modern, very high-tech and I saw new instruments and new machines."
Madalynn Eppinga, Michigan, USA
Madalynn Eppinga, Michigan, USA
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"I chose Dental Clinic Cancun because I knew it was gonna be a lot of work, and I didn’t want to go to different places, and it’s nice because here it’s all under one roof."
Niklas Palomba, San Francisco, CA
Niklas Palomba, San Francisco, CA
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“I couldn’t help but notice how clean this place is, I feel that it is as clean as your teeth feel when you walk out”
At Dental Clinic Cancun, we know that oral health is vital to obtaining an aesthetic smile, providing appropriate treatments in Cancun for each patient, with mexican specialists trained to provide the ideal follow-up and achieve expected aesthetic and functional results.


World-class dental solutions
Our expertise counts with more than 15 of years of experience in smile design. At Dental Clinic Cancun, we provide an adequate dental service for each of our patients and their dental needs, being professional, friendly and in a comfortable environment, complementing their experience in Cancun.

Dental Clinic Cancun

Specialists in your smile
Our specialists are ready to provide you with the appropriate treatment. Our procedures are performed by experienced doctors with the best technology and quality that your smile deserves. Get to know each of our dental specialists and their experience, which will give you the confidence you need to get started on your smile makeover.

Dr. Jose Luis Morales Saldana

Professional ID: 8042843
Dr. Morales is one of our most notable implantologist specialists in Mexico, with more than 20 courses and diplomas, including All on 4 procedures, zygomatic implants (the latest technology in dental treatment).
  • Member of The American Dental Association (ADA) 2022.
  • Specialist in Dental Aesthetics Implantology
  • Specialist in All on 4 Zygoma Clinical
  • NEOARCH TM protocol: immediate solution for total edentulousness, UNAM School of Dentistry; November 2019
  • Graduated from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Faculty of Dentistry, 2006
  • Residence, IPENO, Florianópolis, Brazil, May 2019

Dr. Abraham Escobedo

Invisible Orthodontic Specialist
Professional ID: 9368944
Dr. Escobedo specializes in orthodontics. As a graduate of the Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC), he served as a certified orthodontist from the Mexican Association of Orthodontics, Colegio de Ortodoncistas, A.C.
  • Certified in INVISALIGN Mexico City
  • Certified INSIGNIA digital orthodontic New York, United States
  • Attended Harvard School Dental Medicine course “invisible aligners”

Dr. Pastor José Espin Gomez

General Dentist
Dr. Espin has participated in congresses at the Dental Institute of Implant and Prosthesis Surgery and refresher.
  • Has professional experience in Mexico and Venezuela
  • Diploma in Anesthetic Techniques in the oral cavity
  • Graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela

Dr. Yurima del Valle Puente González

General dentist
Professional ID: 11536293

Dr. del Valle has professional experience in Mexico and Venezuela, and graduated from the Rómulo Gallegos National Experimental University 2009-2015.

  • Graduated in Professional development in planning and prosthetic rehabilitation on implants, endorsed by the College of Dentists of Venezuela.
  • Attended the Gingivoplasty Course Dynamic View at the Professional Institute of Academic Training of Odontologist Studies. IPFA
  • Attended the DENTAL WHITENING UPDATE COURSE endorsed by CEO odontologist Dr. Edson Cortes Triana

Dr. Leonel Rodríguez

Orthodontic Specialist
Professional Certificate: 8405094
Professional Specialty Certificate: 10341874
Dr. Rodriguez specializes in invisible orthodontics, attending to smiles and making them more aesthetic.
  • Certified Invisalign 2021
  • Specialist in orthodontics from AME University
  • Professional Experience in Mexico

Dr. Alberto Nilo Salazar

Root canal
Professional ID: 4741511
Professional Certificate of Specialist: 12237883

With work experience in Mexico, our specialist has updated and taken endodontic certifications with Dr. Susano Contreras.

  • A.M.E University, Specialty Endodontics
  • Graduated as a Dental Surgeon from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León
  • Texas Tech, Lubbock Texas, Intensive English Program / ESL Program, Intermediate grammar

Dr. Mayra Ivett Martínez Sánchez

General dentist
Professional ID: 11244133
Dr. Martinez has experience with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Service from the Health Institute of the State of Mexico “General Hospital of Atizapán de Zaragoza”.
  • Attended the First National Congress of Dental Sciences Durango 450
  • Attended the First Interdisciplinary Dental Congress. Durango State Juárez University
  • Diploma in Biosafety and Quality in Dental Care
Discover how Dental Clinic Cancun can make you feel at home. We offer you unique amenities and safe, reliable treatment with the quality you deserve. So make your appointment today and leave the rest to us.


We have the best team to perform an adequate and quality dental treatment

Dental Clinic Cancun is a state of the art dental clinic with an experienced team of professionals who offer friendly and personalized care.
We believe that patients should not have to compromise on quality when seeking dental care. That’s why we use specialized equipment from world renowned brands.

Endodontic Microscope
Intraoral Scanner
I-max 3D
Zirconia Furnace (synthesized)
Ceramic oven
Table scanner
Amann Girrbach
Ceramill Motion 2
Amann Girrbach
Stamping machine
Working Capsule


Experience the comfort you deserve
At Dental Clinic Cancun, we understand that one of the most important aspects of your stay in Cancun is finding ways to have a fun and relaxing time. We offer a variety of amenities within our facilities so that you can enjoy the finest experience possible during your dental procedure.
Your experience will be a full luxury vacation with our accommodations:
  • Smoking area
  • View of the Nichupté Lagoon
  • Located in the Hotel Zone
  • Free WIFI
  • Air conditioner
  • Luxury Facilities
  • Bathrooms
  • Beverage service
  • Free coffee
  • Hi-end Lobby
  • In house laboratory
  • Transportation from airport to clinic
  • Agreements with hotels
  • Parking lot
  • Temperature measurement and alcohol application upon entry
  • Security cameras
  • Controlled access
  • LGBT Friendly

In-house laboratory

At our dental office, we have an in-house dental lab that allows us to provide quality, personalized care without having to move you to another facility or wait long hours for the procedure.
In the clinic’s heart—clean, updated, efficient and in constant motion—our laboratory can work with dental elements such as porcelain veneers, zirconia arches for All on 4 or crowns for the patient by hand of our dental technicians.
Our facility has state-of-the-art technology:
  • Endodontic Microscope
  • Intraoral Scanner
  • Radiovisiograph
  • Tomograph
  • Zirconia Furnace (synthesized)
  • Ceramic oven
  • Table Scanner
  • Ceramill Motion 2
  • Vaporizer
  • Stamping machine
  • Working Capsule
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