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Make your smile perfect with our dental crowns in Cancun treatments by the hand of our specialists

Aesthetic smile at all times
At Dental Clinic Cancun, we have aesthetic dental specialists trained to provide you with quality care, adequate follow-up and work in collaboration with the latest in dental technology.
With our own dental laboratory, we save you time, money and effort, living a full experience in Cancun and enjoying the benefits of dental crowns in Cancun.


Ideal for teeth that have suffered damage or have been weakened by cavities or other conditions. It is an artificial restoration placed over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, generating force in the piece and making it look natural.

We work with high-quality materials suitable for your smile so we have different types of dental crowns in Cancun to meet your needs. The materials we have are:

  • Ceramic (porcelain)
  • Metal-ceramic
  • Gold alloys
  • Base metal alloys
Save time, money, and effort. At Dental Clinic Cancun, we offer you the appropriate aesthetic treatment for your smile such as dental crowns. Schedule your appointment today and live the experience of a new lifestyle.


Aesthetic, functional, and outstanding resistance, a suitable procedure for all patients who require dental crowns in Cancun:

We perform an intraoral scanner to capture the anatomy of your teeth and achieve a 3D digital image of your mouth.

The digital image is transferred to specialized software to design the restoration, in this case, the crown.

The design is sent to a machine, turning it into a physical object.

The physical object crystallizes in 15 to 20 minutes to give it natural color and the necessary hardness, either porcelain or zirconium, depending on the needs of our patients.

Process ready in 1 day, and without subsequent recovery



Discover how a dental crown can give your smile a twist

This procedure has different advantages, giving you the comfort and security you require during your experience in Cancun while you improve your smile with our dental treatments, which are:

  • Zero tooth fractures
  • Support for the dental prosthesis
  • Aesthetic appearance for your smile
  • Cover for stained teeth
  • Restoration of the fractured piece

Do I need a dental crown?

An essential need
We provide the necessary protection for your natural teeth, improving their functionality and the aesthetics of the dental piece. We create tailored and adapt to each patient with the help of our dental laboratory at Dental Clinic Cancun.
You may need this type of procedure in case of the following situations. But to make a proper diagnosis, it is important to go to our specialists.

Come to us if you suffer from any of these annoyances:

  • Dental weakness
  • Pain when chewing
  • Tooth fracture
  • Fissures in teeth
  • Nerve exposed from wear

Why get dental crowns at Dental Clinic Cancun?

We give you comfort in each treatment performed, including in this case, dental crowns. We count with our own laboratory within the clinic, allowing us to be operating in one place, without unnecessary transfers from locations to our patients.
Be part of the Cancun experience, with all the amenities we can offer while we perform custom dental treatment, improving your smile.

Direct connectivity with the United States and Canada, having accessibility at all times

Ideal destination for patients requiring multiple visits

Transportation service at all times, meeting your dental needs

Schedule your appointment today and perform your dental crown treatment
At Dental Clinic Cancun, find the comfort you require in your experience in Cancun.