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Get a new smile with prosthetics in Cancun. At Dental Clinic Cancun we provide the solution to your missing teeth.

Smile again with the confidence and comfort you require. The lack of teeth happens for various reasons, making our patients feel embarrassed to talk, laugh, or simply to do something as simple as eating, it has become a chaotic task.
Our prosthesis treatment in Cancun is a dental solution that we adapt to every of our patient's needs and require, doing it safely, reliably, and quickly. We provide the opportunity to continue enjoying a unique dental tourism experience, with our dental treatments in Cancun.


Know your dental solution made to measure
A dental prosthesis is an artificial, removable replacement personalized to each patient. Its mission is to restore the loss of one, several teeth or all of the pieces, aesthetically recovering and articulating the function of the teeth, giving the patient the quality of life they deserve.
Prosthesis devices are made of different materials such as plastic, acrylic, metal, or porcelain, resembling gum tissue and natural teeth. We design measurements in our laboratory within Dental Clinic Cancun, adapting to the patient’s situation and giving him a type of prosthesis that suits them.


Feel confident again when you smile
At Dental Clinic Cancun, we are mexican specialists trained to provide you with first-class care, and with this, we know that your stay in Cancun also matters. That is why our dentists in Cancun adapt each of our treatments, making you feel comfortable, with a safe and clear follow-up to avoid situations uncomfortable with your teeth.
Being dentists specialized in prosthetics in Cancun, we know the advantages that we can offer you, according to your situation, working safely from our dental laboratory.
  • Improvement of facial and dental appearance, thanks to the replacement of missing teeth, complemented with other procedures such as whitening in Cancun and orthodontics in Cancun
  • Normal bite and joint movement, returning to eating and speaking comfortably
  • Without a dental brace, your facial muscles will weaken, causing premature aging. A dental prosthesis will noticeably change your face
At Dental Clinic Cancun, we have our dental laboratory where we manufacture your dental prostheses with quality materials, such as acrylic or porcelain. Contact us today and schedule your visit for a proper diagnosis.

Choose quality

Suitable alternatives for your dental situation
We have a variety of alternatives suitable for you. For example, granting different types of prostheses, complete or partial. At Dental Clinic Cancun, we will give you the necessary guidance to choose the most convenient dental prosthesis for your teeth, making you feel comfortable, without discomfort, and without lengthy procedures.

Mucosal supported prostheses

Artificial teeth are attached to a support structure, coming into contact with the oral mucosa and creating a natural appearance, indicated to replace all teeth in elderly or edentulous patients.
  • Known as full dentures or partial dentures
  • All the support is in the jaw and gum because there is no natural tooth
  • Aesthetic, successful, and natural appearance

Dentomucosupported prosthesis

They are necessary in most cases when the patient does not have posterior teeth, either on one or both sides of his mouth, the mucosa or remaining teeth being the support of this prosthesis.
  • Performed when some teeth are preserved
  • Supported by the jaw, gum, and remaining teeth of the patient's mouth
  • Called "removable" or "skeletal" prostheses

Implant-supported prostheses

Attached to the jaw by dental implants, commonly in the form of screws made of titanium, placed next to the patient’s jawbones for natural integration, granting optimal recovery.

  • Alternatives such as All on 4 implants, generating a hybrid denture
  • Implant-borne removable or overdentures
  • Dental stability


Cancun is an ideal destination for dental tourism due to the variety of amenities for our patients and the benefits we provide at Dental Clinic Cancun.

Comfort at all times, without the need to perform an X-ray or any extra procedure, we do it in our dental laboratory, providing practical and fast results.

Personalized transportation service, we go for you and take you back to your stay, without the need to look for taxis or bother to move after some treatment or surgery.

Accessible prices and with the same quality of treatment compared to the United States or Canada

Being a specialized clinic we provide a variety of solutions for each of our patients such as all on 4 implants in Cancun, dental implants in Cancun, and providing a safe and precise root canal in Cancun.

Make a change in your smile with our functional and aesthetic procedures such as dental crowns in Cancun and dental veneers in Cancun.

Schedule your appointment today and smile again
At Dental Clinic Cancun, we provide quality. Remember that the functionality and retention of your dental prostheses are also necessary.