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Give your smile a radiant and natural glow with a whitening in Cancun, designed to improve your health and appearance.

A smile says a lot about you, but impeccable teeth open doors. Having good oral health has its benefits, and complementing it with cosmetic dental procedures guarantees a radical change in your smile.
Dental Clinic Cancun offers you treatments according to your aesthetic needs; one of our main procedures is teeth whitening, designing a brighter and more natural smile.


Wear your smile everywhere
One of our safest and most effective aesthetical treatments. We brighten your teeth, removing stains evenly and regenerating a much more natural and bright smile.
Some characteristics of teeth whitening:
  • No damage to tooth enamel
  • Painless and non-invasive procedure
  • Repeat as many times necessary to keep the natural look


How does whitening work on my teeth?
This procedure is applied when the oxygen molecules of our bleaching agent are spread over the entire surface of the tooth, causing the discolored molecules to react, starting with the bleaching work in Cancun of the whole tooth, even if it is not in contact. Direct on all parts of the enamel.

We receive the patient

We take an initial X-ray

We make a clinical diagnosis, ruling out vestibular restorations

We define the patient's tooth color with the colorimeter

We place the mouth opener, drying the tooth surface

We protect the teeth with a gingival protector, which helps us so that the whitening gel does not touch the gums

We protect the teeth with a gingival protector, which helps us so that the whitening gel does not touch the gums

We apply the whitening gel

We activate our bleach with ultraviolet light, for 15 minutes per session

We aspirate the gel, wash the tooth surface and compare the color to make the before and after

The patient can drink and eat anything, except food with coloring


When is teeth whitening necessary?
The patient, having a discoloration, can see it as something common, but over time, it can permanently affect the aesthetics of the teeth, the appearance, and the color. Therefore, treating this situation in time with teeth whitening is ideal, being fast, accessible, and with the option of continuing to enjoy your vacation in Cancun.
Some factors to consider when applying teeth whitening are:
  • Excessive tobacco use
  • Bumps, fractures, cavities, and tartar
  • Stains from food, such as coffee and wine
  • Letting go for a long time without undergoing any type of treatment
Our Tooth Whitening treatment is entirely painless and non-invasive, allowing you to continue enjoying your experience in Cancun. Schedule your visit now.


Keep your smile natural
Being a quick procedure, whitening in Cancun is effective and allows you to continue enjoying the vacational experience in Cancun. In addition to recovering the tone of your teeth and giving you a renewed smile.
Some of our advantages for our patients when applying the treatment are:
  • Aesthetic smile
  • Take care of oral health
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves the image of both the teeth and the face
  • For all types of patients, whatever their dental situation


Why choose to have a whitening treatment at Dental Clinic Cancun?
A unique opportunity where in addition to experiencing the amenities of Cancun, you can have oral treatments at Dental Clinic Cancun, with comfort, personalized attention, and speed in each procedure for you.

You don't have to wait weeks or months between each visit for a procedure or follow-up

We have specialists and specialized dental coverage for international and local patients

We bring you from wherever you are. With our Medical transfer service for patients taking them to their stay in Cancun


Your smile is worth a thousand words
Experiences of our patients changing their lives with our dental treatments
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Dental Clinic Cancun gets ideal results from the first teeth whitening session, achieving a renewed and bright smile.