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At Dental Clinic Cancun, we redesign your smile with orthodontics in Cancun, achieving optimal results for you.

Confidence is essential in all personal image care, and choosing a clinic that offers you comfort by improving your oral health is critical to achieving an incredible smile. Our patients come to Dental Clinic Cancun with a single goal, to renew and correct their teeth.
By providing various dental treatments and aesthetic procedures, we have orthodontics in Cancun that makes you regain your confidence, increase your self-esteem, and, most importantly, generate optimal joint and oral health for a lifetime.


What is an orthodontic treatment?
Our orthodontic treatment in Cancun corrects the position of your teeth, taking into account your facial structure, in addition to performing the dental aesthetics and joint health you want. In addition, orthodontics improves the bite, preventing wear, bacteria, and cavities that may form due to the poor arrangement of your teeth.
Achieving a healthy, attractive, and perfect smile has never been so simple. We are responsible for each of our procedures, causing a successful effect in each orthodontic treatment performed by our dentists at Dental Clinic Cancun.


Show off your smile
We redesign a completely new smile for you and adapt a variety of treatments to your dental needs. Our specialists are ready to make an optimal diagnosis and start your dental transformation by creating one or all of the following benefits:
  • Decreased tooth movement and less sensitivity
  • Increased self-esteem due to change in the smile and facial structure
  • Improved joint health, optimal chewing, and comfort when speaking
  • Thorough cleaning of the teeth, performed correctly
  • Relief of tension in muscles of the back, head, and ears due to the accommodation of the teeth
If you are looking for a healthy, aesthetic mouth and an ideal smile, Dental Clinic Cancun is the right option. Contact us today and schedule your visit. Live the dental experience of your life.

More than a smile

Alternatives suitable for you
As Mexican specialists in Cancun, have different orthodontic options appropriate to your dental, economic, and aesthetic needs. Thus, enjoying your vacation experience with the comfort and attention you deserve.

Conventional orthodontics

Ideal follow-up for each patient
This type of procedure is used to align, straighten and correctly position the teeth, working with the necessary pressure for some time, suitable for each patient and achieving optimal results.
An adequate treatment for patients with joint or aesthetic issues, we provide the solution at Dental Clinic Cancun and an ideal follow-up, being most common for patients residing in Cancun.

We receive the patient

We perform an assessment that consists of dental history, radiographic studies, dental scan and photographs

We diagnose and provide the different orthodontic options available

We place the brackets in the upper part of the denture, or if they live abroad, up and down

After placement, it is recommended not to chew hard or small things, cutting the food into small bites

If a bracket detaches, a new bracket must be placed by attending a dentist appointment

Monthly adjustments will be made over a period of approximately 1 to 2 years

After removing the brackets, a retention is placed to keep the teeth in the final position


Dental aligners tüth

Ideal alliances for all types of dental needs
By having an alliance with tüth dental aligners, we personalize your treatment safely, quickly, and aesthetically, without the need for lengthy procedures and all from the comfort of your home.
When making a diagnosis at Dental Clinic Cancun and opting for this alternative, we evaluate and project your problem into a solution with aligners, making it tailored and ready for you to smile wherever and whenever you want.

Invisalign braces

A trusted alternative
Invisalign is an allied brand of transparent aligners, focused mainly on the alignment of your teeth through the use of invisible, transparent, and removable aligners during the treatment time according to each patient.

At Dental Clinic Cancun, we know you want to return to your place of origin, renewed and with a new smile as a dental tourist. With Invisalign devices, you can make it possible, committing yourself to your oral health and your dental aesthetics.

  • Discreet
  • Removable
  • Hygienic
  • Comfortable

We receive the patient

We perform an assessment to see if there was any other treatment, consisting of dental history, radiographic studies, dental scan and photographs

We value treatment options, making known the different orthodontic alternatives

After the analysis, we send the information to manufacture the personalized aligners for the patient, taking approximately 1 month

We place dental abutments in the patient's mouth

The duration of treatment is 1 to 2 years

If you live abroad, we can send them to your home and schedule an appointment scheduled in advance to place the accessories.


Cancun is one of the destinations with the most dental tourism in Mexico; due to the city’s quality, price, and amenities, we offer a complete dental and vacational experience.

We know that the cost of any dental procedure in the United States and Canada is very high, which is why at Dental Clinic Cancun, we provide methods of the same quality and at a lower price.

Being in Cancun, all you want is comfort and speed to continue enjoying your stay. For this reason, we offer different alternatives to streamline any dental procedure, with the help of our best Mexican specialists.

A healthy smile is essential to achieve more presentable and bright teeth, and orthodontics in Cancun is obtained. Benefit from the best of our dental aesthetic treatments.

Visit us today and improve your quality of life
At Dental Clinic Cancun, we have personalized attention and Mexican specialists trained to provide you with the ideal treatment for your smile.